What is another word for life threatening?

Synonyms for life-threatening

lifethreatening. Something lifethreatening is seriously dangerous, and it might even result in death. You can reassure your mom about the injuries you got when you were hiking up a mountain by saying, “Don’t worry, my sprained ankle isn’t lifethreatening.” In other words, it’s not going to kill you.

Also, what is the synonym of lethal? SYNONYMS. fatal, deadly, mortal, causing death, death-dealing, life-threatening, murderous, homicidal, killing, terminal, final, incurable. poisonous, toxic, virulent, noxious, venomous. dangerous, destructive, harmful, pernicious, malignant, disastrous, calamitous, ruinous. literary deathly, nocuous, mephitic.

Similarly, you may ask, what is the definition of life threatening?

Definition of lifethreatening. : capable of causing death : potentially fatal a lifethreatening disease/condition The injuries are serious but not lifethreatening.

What are some life threatening situations?

The following are signs and symptoms of life-threatening emergencies:

  • Respiratory distress or cessation of breathing.
  • Severe chest pains.
  • Shock.
  • Uncontrolled bleeding.
  • Choking.
  • Poisoning.
  • Prolonged unconsciousness.
  • Overdose.

How do you say life threatening?

Here are 4 tips that should help you perfect your pronunciation of ‘life threatening’: Break ‘life threatening’ down into sounds: say it out loud and exaggerate the sounds until you can consistently produce them. Record yourself saying ‘life threatening’ in full sentences, then watch yourself and listen.

What is the mean of fatal?

adjective. causing or capable of causing death; mortal; deadly: a fatal accident; a fatal dose of poison. causing destruction, misfortune, ruin, or failure: The withdrawal of funds was fatal to the project.

How do you spell non life threatening?

A. I would use two hyphens (non-life-threatening), both in the spirit of CMOS 6.80 and because “nonlife-threatening” connotes the “threat of nonlife” (i.e., death), which is the opposite of the intended meaning.

Does life threatening have hyphen?

Threatening is an adjective. Life-threatening is a compound adjective consisting of a noun and adjective. We use a hyphen when the adjective is used attributively: It is a life-threatening thing.

What does non life threatening mean?

Adjective. non-life-threatening (not comparable) Not endangering the continued life of the subject.

What does life altering mean?

Meaning of life-altering in English having an effect that is strong enough to change someone’s life: The birth of a child is a life-altering experience.

What are life threatening situations?

If someone has a life-threatening illness or is in a life-threatening situation, there is a strong possibility that the illness or the situation will kill them. Caitlin was born with a life-threatening heart abnormality. Synonyms: fatal, deathly, deadly, lethal More Synonyms of life-threatening.

Is situation a noun?

noun. manner of being situated; location or position with reference to environment: The situation of the house allowed for a beautiful view. a place or locality. condition; case; plight: He is in a desperate situation.

How do you use lethal in a sentence?

lethal Sentence Examples. The Watcher took a step back at his lethal tone. “You get one warning,” he said in a tone far more lethal than he’d ever used with her. If you cause more damage, Darkyn said in a soft, lethal voice.

What is an affluent person?

n an affluent person; a person who is financially well off “the so-called emerging affluents” Type of: have, rich person, wealthy person. a person who possesses great material wealth. 2.

What are the antonyms?

Definition of Antonyms An antonym is a word that means the opposite of another word. For instance, the antonym of ‘hot’ may be ‘cold. ‘ The root words for the word ‘antonym’ are the words ‘anti,’ meaning ‘against’ or ‘opposite,’ and ‘onym,’ meaning ‘name. Synonyms and antonyms are exactly the opposite.

What part of speech is lethal?

lethal part of speech: adjective related words: destructive Word CombinationsSubscriber feature About this feature derivations: lethally (adv.), lethality (n.)

What part of speech is edifice?

edifice part of speech: noun definition 1: a building, esp. a large or impressive structure. The old newspaper building was a lofty edifice in its time. synonyms: erection similar words: building, construction, structure definition 2: an abstract structure or system that has developed in a complex manner.

What is another word for weapon?

Synonyms for weapon ammunition. bomb. cannon. firearm. gun. knife. machete. machine gun.