Does DeWalt track saw work with Makita track?

But here’s what is attention grabbing: All three plunge-cut saws ride and operate on a Festool guide rail. However, Festool’s saw rides on a Makita track, but not on a DeWalt track. And a DeWalt saw doesn’t work with a Makita track just as a Makita saw is not functional on a DeWalt track.

The Makita does work with the Festool track. But like I say I could not be any more impressed with mine. Makes dust free perfect cuts every time. That’s all I want from a track saw no matter what color it is or how much it costs.

Likewise, which is the best track saw? Here’s a list of the best track saws we found:

  1. Festool TS75 EQ Plunge Cut Track Saw.
  2. Makita SP6000J1 Plunge Track Saw.
  3. Shop Fox W1835 Track Saw.
  4. Festool TS 55 REQ Plunge Cut Track Saw.
  5. Triton TTS1400 Plunge Track Saw.
  6. DeWalt DCS520B 60V MAX Cordless Track Saw.
  7. WEN 36055 Plunge Cut Circular Track Saw.

Then, will a Dewalt track saw work on a festool track?

The Dewalt saw can use the Festool track with no problem. Festool saw cannot use the Dewalt track. Has to due with the guide tracks – three on the Dewalt and one on the Festool. the Dewalt saw can also use both sides of its track and only one side can be used on the Festool.

Are festool and Makita guide rails the same?

The Festool and Makita guide rails look very similar in profile – so much so, that they fasten together and align. The DeWalt track has a different profile. DeWalt’s track is symmetrical and center-justified, which means you can operate the saw in both directions.

Are Makita and Festool tracks the same?

The riving knife and splinter guard on the outside for the festool are big pluses. Also, in that article, it says the makita only has an 8 ft cord. That is not enough for cutting sheet goods, that’s a negative right there. The festool and makita tracks are nearly the same.

How deep can a track saw cut?

Well-designed and sturdy, the Festool Track Saw has a maximum cutting depth scale of 2 ¼”, making it perfect for a variety of application.

What is a plunge cut saw used for?

A plunge saw (or track saw) is a power tool, very similar to a ‘circular saw’ designed to make straight cuts and more often than not used in conjunction with a ‘track’ or ‘guide’.

Does Milwaukee make a track saw?

Yes Milwaukee is really concentrating on their cordless lines. New tools being released all the time, but still no track saw.

Is festool better than Makita?

The blade quality of Makita is far better and reliable than that of Festool. Last but not the least, the warranty feature of Makita is very good as compared to Festool. When it comes to reliability then Makita is far more reliable than Festool. In the battle of reliability & durability of Festool vs.

Are Festool tools worth the money?

Festool is that much better than DeWalt/Makita/Milwaukee. However it is NOT worth it for something like 95% of the users of woodworking tools. These are pro tools that can pay their way if you are a pro, where time=money and you need them to feed your family.

What’s the difference between a plunge saw and circular saw?

A plunge saw has a different design which removes the need for a conventional retractable blade guard, as the blade is enclosed within the machine. This ensures multiple benefits versus the traditional circular saw including: The blade can be plunged at any point into the material you are cutting.

Why do I need a track saw?

Track saws are used to make long, precise cuts in wood materials faster and more efficiently than circular and table saws. Plus, they’re portable, light, and, since rubber strips on the bottom of the track prevent slips, they don’t require clamping prior to getting started.

Who makes Festools?

Festool is a brand of power tools from Germany. Festool Group GmbH & Co. KG is based in Wendlingen and is a subsidiary of the TTS Tooltechnic Systems holding company.

Can you use a track saw as a circular saw?

A track saw, is also a mobile circular saw. It need not be cordless, but it does come with its own track and this is critical to using it properly. You run the saw blade down the side of the track and get a clean, precise cut.